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Below you'll find some of the projects I've worked on over the past few years. These mostly consist of websites I've designed. My other work ranges from content management system to corporate branding, logo design, and print designs.

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    • TomTom Work

    • October 2007

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    TomTom Work

    For TomTom I designed a Flash application to give insight on how much people would save using TomTom Work. © 2007 MediaMonks

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    • MediaMonks Game Stats

    • August 2007

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    MediaMonks Game Stats

    MediaMonks Gamestats is an online webapplication for tracking and analyzing (viral) game statistics. Think of it as a Google Analytics for webgames. My part in the development of this online tool was the market and usability research, design of the interface and Adobe Flex architechture programming. © 2007 MediaMonks

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    • Warcraft HQ

    • June 2007

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    A freelance job I did for a friend of mine. I was responsible for the logo- and sitedesign and also a big part of the CSS/XHTML work of this World of Warcraft community website. I expect it to be online in the near future once the programmer get's his hands dirty.

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    • Van Der Wiele

    • May 2007

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    Van Der Wiele

    A design I made for an online furniture store.

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    • Mjm Party

    • April 2007


    Mjm Party is the home of a small crew that organizes poolparties. A fitting design together with features like an advanced guestbook, audioplayer and photogallery make it a great experience for the visitors.

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    • Checkbox

    • March 2007

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    A design I made for a future portfolio, but never really got around in building it. May 1st reboot caught up on me and I ended up launching some crummy thumbnail page.

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    • Decimation

    • February 2007


    Homebase of one of the top World of Warcraft guilds Decimation. I was resonsible for the design, CSS and a hefty deal of PHP programming.

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    • Hermac

    • October 2006



    Hermac BV is a company that offers a variety of IT solutions. They aimed to have a clean and corporate website to provide all the necessary information for their visitors.

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    • Angie's Accessoires

    • August 2006

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    Angie's Accessoires

    A mock-up I made for an online jewelry store.

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    • LocalStars

    • January 2006

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    LocalStars was a program to increase popularity of local stores, each having their own webshop. Shopvisitors could win prizes through coupons they received when buying products. My part in the development was logo- and sitedesign and also writing the XHTML/CSS.

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    • Rel8

    • December 2005

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    This is a project I did during my college time with four classmates. In a timespan of six months we developed an entire online dating platform including interesting features like SMS notification, a private message system and chatroom. I took care of the design and XHTML/CSS coding.

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    • RoundTable

    • November 2005

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    A redesign proposition I did for the RoundTable Euromeeting.

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    • Sparkle Events

    • September 2005


    Sparkle Events is a small business which specializes in delivering high-quality sound, lights and equipment for various events.

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About me

I'm a graphicdesigner/webdeveloper that aims to create vibrant and detailed designs while taking account of usability aspects and webstandards.

For the past 7 years, I've been working at Panasonic as a Web and Graphic designer. I've worked on all kinds of projects varying from websites, print, and newsletters.


I'm available for design jobs. Feel free to contact me using the form below or e-mail me directly.

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